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Project Retrofit & Operational Assessment

Expert HVAC Project Retrofitting in Texas

Plan your future with an Operational Assessment today. Air Texas Mechanical’s comprehensive facilities management service begins with an Operational Assessment that delivers critical information to help facilities plan and budget into the future.  We thoroughly evaluate your current facility plan and equipment, look at what is working, what isn’t working and consider future building needs.

 From getting equipment back into proper operating condition to evaluating energy efficiency, our Operational Assessments reduce financial risk and set a foundation for growth. After documenting the baseline and historical building performance, Air Texas provides a comprehensive list of operational and capital recommendations to save energy, improve comfort, and reduce the risk of equipment failure. This detailed report also outlines anticipated savings, costs and financial payback for each recommendation.

Facilities management services include:

  • Locking in utility rebates
  • Identifying incentives to maximize return on capital investments
  • Evaluating system design, operational process and completing feasibility studies
  • Finding energy savings programs to lower costs
  • Providing dependable, experienced technical support to ensure mission critical equipment is always running