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HVAC Services

Your Go-To HVAC Services Provider in Texas

By running tests on your facility’s equipment and comparing performance data to your manufacturer’s specifications and similarly aged equipment, we can deliver expert insights into the health of your HVAC system. Using these insights, we’ll help you estimate the life cycle cost of your HVAC system and develop a strategic plan for maintaining its optimal performance long-term. We also offer specialty testing such as harmonics, dynamic testing and balancing via nationally certified technicians.

We Maximize Efficiency

Our focus is on keeping your facilities running at their maximum efficiency. To accomplish this, we combine industry-leading knowledge and experience with a dedication to understanding each client's unique circumstances and goals.

  • Beginning every project with a detailed, personalized assessment with no preconceptions.
  • Saving energy and operational costs through detailed analysis and adjustments.
  • Prolonging the life and value of your equipment through scheduled professional maintenance.
  • Locating and facilitating appropriate incentives and rebates.

Through ongoing planned maintenance programs, Air Texas maximizes the efficiency and reliability of mission critical equipment to deliver the greatest return on investment.