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Computer Room Air Conditioning

Specialized Computer Room Air Conditioning in Texas

As more equipment is squeezed into IT spaces, it is more important than ever to ensure that each component of the support infrastructure is operating at maximum efficiency and reliability. The failure of a CRAC unit can lead to downtime, which of course means a loss of service and that can translate into a loss of money and often times a loss of customers.

The performance of servers and operating systems is dependent on cooling support, as these systems change, the cooling needs to change as well. Trusting a service provider who looks at the overall critical infrastructure of your computer room is needed. Data center cooling systems that meet the needs of IT heat loads have very difference service and maintenance needs than systems designed for occupant comfort.

To maximize the efficiency and maintain the consistency of your computer room air conditioning, it is important to develop and stick to a long term service plan that includes preventive maintenance and optimization of the precision cooling system. The substantial investment made in cooling equipment, as well as in the computing hardware it sustains, should make preventive maintenance a priority. By investing in a service provider that has the expertise required to maintain the level of performance needed for these critical systems, you won’t undercut the investment that was made in the first place.

Vendor Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Vendor preventive maintenance contracts are well worth the cost if you are provided with thorough inspections and service. We recommend at least four regular inspections per year of all major components; this will help identify systems at risk of failure, prevent downtime, maximize the life of the unit and reduce maintenance costs.