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Building HVAC Automation

Innovative Building HVAC Automation in Texas

Energy Management Systems

  • Air Texas Mechanical offers an Energy Management System (EMS) that can reduce your energy waste by 15 to 20 percent. With these sorts of savings, facility management not only improves customer comfort, equipment life, and reduces an organization’s carbon footprint–it pays for itself within the first year!

No more “Do it yourself” Management systems

  • Unlike energy management systems that consist of cobbled-together technology, our EMS is a seamless source of total facilities intelligence. A 24/7 command center handles it all. We monitor your facilities, issue alerts, and provide immediate resolution with technician dispatch for any HVAC or Lighting problem. You also have access to your own personal portal to manage devices at one or multiple locations.


  • Our systems are wireless, so they are quick and easy to install. There is no running additional wires or server installation required.

What does the EMS Controller (Thermostat) offer?

  • Large full color touchscreen display
  • Prevent unauthorized changes to settings with security/locking settings
  • Multi-stage HVAC control with up to 3 heat and 2 cool stages
  • Internal temperature and humidity sensors
  • Dual external temperature sensors
  • Analog input for advanced sensors
  • Master/Slave capabilities enable connectivity of up to 17 devices using only 1 IP address
  • HVAC controls, lighting controls, energy monitors and refrigeration monitors
  • WIFI, LAN or Cellular networking, so you need no additional hardware
  • Easy to use phone app to control all thermostats