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Tim Hilpert

President & CEO

Tim began his career in the HVAC service industry in 1981 with Honeywell.

There, he served in various capacities including technical, sales, management and executive leadership. He led the operations of one of their most successful commercial service branches. In 1991, Tim joined The Linc Corporation, which was and continues to be the leading franchisor of commercial HVAC service providers in the world. As a senior executive for Linc, he led a team of HVAC industry professionals in developing and implementing sales, operations and organizational strategies and programs that are now recognized as industry best practices. In 2001, Tim joined an HVAC industry consolidator as a senior executive where he handled acquisitions and operations of the company’s commercial businesses. In 2003 he acquired Air Texas Mechanical. Since then he has served as the leader of this organization. Mr. Hilpert credits the success of Air Texas Mechanical to its talented employees and their long-term commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Tim and the entire Air Texas team are dedicated as – Houston’s Leader in HVAC Solutions.